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Abuse survivors call on Yard to continue probe into Leon Brittan

Jane: ‘It was particularly difficult to hear politicians come forward with flowery tributes’

By Tim Wood and Mark Conrad | 24 January 2015

Abuse survivors call on Yard to continue probe into Leon BrittanPolice are being urged to continue their investigation into former home secretary Lord Brittan by those who allege that he sexually abused them.

Two men who have told Exaro and police that he sexually abused them as boys, and a woman who says that he raped her when she was 19 in 1967, joined in the call for the Metropolitan Police Service to carry on investigating Brittan despite his death that was announced by his family on Thursday.

The woman, known as “Jane”, who alleges that Brittan raped her when she was a student, told Exaro: “Of course police should continue to investigate because these allegations, and not just my case, have been under investigation by the police for a long time. We cannot be left high and dry.

“People need to know the truth about Leon Brittan. It was particularly difficult to hear politicians come forward with flowery tributes last week, at a time when he was still under investigation for rape.

“I am sure that it is also difficult for all of his alleged victims to hear senior figures refer to these allegations as mere ‘conspiracy theories’.”

She said that she felt “numb” after learning of Brittan’s death. “I was taken aback,” she said. “It is very frustrating.”

Jane’s partner, “Michael”, added: “The most important thing now is that all of these cases continue to be fully investigated. There should also have been an official statement to make it clear that Leon Brittan remained under investigation. It is despairing for his alleged victims to hear lavish tributes.”

Exaro first revealed last May Jane’s account of how, on a blind date, the former cabinet minister tricked her into his flat, locked her in, then raped her. Exaro did not name the ex-minister at the time for legal reasons, especially because he was subject to police investigation over multiple allegations of sexual assault, mainly against boys. The position has changed with Brittan’s death.

Jane accused the officer then in charge of the investigation of bowing to political sensitivities to avoid questioning the ex-minister. As a result of Exaro’s report, Tom Watson, Labour MP, wrote a strongly-worded letter to Alison Saunders, director of public prosecution (DPP), to ask for her to review the case.

The DPP reviewed the case and put pressure on the Met to interview Brittan about the allegations, in line with police guidelines.

Brittan denied to police that he even knew of the complainant, and entirely rejected the rape allegation.

In a statement on Friday, the Met said: “A further review of the case remains ongoing.”

“Nick”, who alleges that Brittan raped him repeatedly at Dolphin Square, the apartment complex favoured by MPs, told Exaro that he felt “devastated” by his death.

Nick is the witness at the centre of ‘Operation Midland’, which is investigating his allegations that he was sexually abused during his childhood by several prominent people, including Brittan, as well as claims that members of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’ murdered three boys.

He was distressed that police would be unable to complete their investigation into his claims against the ex-minister while he was still alive. He backed the call for the police investigation into Brittan to continue despite his death.

A third witness to come forward to police and Exaro, “Darren”, to allege that he was sexually abused by Brittan and other prominent people at Dolphin Square, told Exaro that he was “saddened” to hear of Brittan’s death.

He said: “It is clear that much evidence also now dies with him. I am saddened that the police will not now be able to question him regarding many allegations that have been made against him.

“I sincerely hope that that police do not leave it too long before speaking to other offenders, otherwise they could also pass on without being questioned.

“While I do not want to see police resources wasted on investigating a dead man, I would like to see the police investigate the links that he may have had to other offenders.”

Watson told Exaro: “It is very clear that a number of perpetrators did not operate alone and therefore that the police inquiries should continue, even in cases where suspects have died.”

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