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German TV runs report about Britain’s ‘politician paedophiles’

Weltspiegel interviews Esther Baker, Mark Watts and John Mann for programme on ARD

By Exaro Team | 17 August 2015

Germany’s Weltspiegel aired a report with Exaro’s help about allegations of child sex abuse against politicians in the UK.

The current-affairs programme featured an interview with Esther Baker, who alleges that a former MP and others, including then-serving police officers, sexually abused her as a girl.

The six-minute report also included an interview with Mark Watts, Editor-in-Chief of Exaro, and John Mann, a Labour MP who has been pressing the exposure of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

“This was heavy, organised crime”, says Mann on the programme, broadcast yesterday on ARD. Standing across from Parliament, he adds: “I see people walking over there now who should be in prison. And there are people out there who know that.”

Exaro has also helped television channels in AustraliaRussia and France to produce current-affairs reports about how prominent and powerful people in the UK sexually abuse children over many years.

Yesterday, Exaro also uploaded an interview with Esther Baker, in which she talked about how the police investigation into her allegation has progressed, and warned of a smear campaign on social media against abuse survivors.

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