Let’s Talk DIET, with JC Money

I’ve heard it all – Dubrow, Keto, Intermitten, Atkins.

All too often questions about diet are way too specific, given the lack of workable knowledge around. Today’s video is the same answer I give to anybody asking diet questions, ever.


• Macronutrients
• Protien
• Carbohyrates
• Glycemic Index
• Glycemic Load
• Fats
• Poly/Mono Unsaturated
• Saturated / Trans Fats

As an aside, I’ve been using Smart Sweets fibre gummies on a daily basis. After you read up on the above check out these at the link below(yes it’s an affiliate link). I use these as a low calorie method to hold over being hangry and work out fasted.

Smart Sweets

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