Man shot in the head on his way home from work, then victimized by Monroe County Sheriffs

In this episode Shawn Ryan sits down with Don Bradley A.K.A. Head Shot Don, who is a former Green Beret and a former CIA Contractor who has over 20 combat deployments with the CIA alone.

Don has a severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and his symptoms can hit unexpectedly so we go right into the meat of this one with absolutely 0 fluff. He is an operator who has seen more combat than most can imagine, but consistently displayed the up most self restraint while under attack and extreme duress which is extremely hard to do.

They go into detail into 3 separate incidences one of which actually happens right here in The United States in Monroe County, Georgia, where his destiny unfortunately falls in the hands of the court system.

As of now, Don & Pam are “Six figures deep” in Medical costs and Legal fee’s.  So they’re doing something they rarely do, they’re asking for help.

On Dec 27th, 2018, Don Bradley (Head Shot Don) was assaulted on his way home from work, by a Road Raging motorist.

Pam (Don’s wife) learned the next day, after he’d been missing all night, that he was
in a Trauma center with a gunshot wound to the head and near death.  If that’s not crazy enough, what happened next was unbelievable.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD) in Forsyth Georgia, falsely identified Don (even though they had Don’s wallet, license plate and driver’s license) as being a career criminal.

The shooter ( a man with a previous restraining order for Domestic Violence ) admitted to road rage and shooting Don.

Yet the sheriff,  (who was sworn in one week earlier)
before informing Pam that Don was shot and in a Trauma center,
before an investigation had even been done, and
believing that Don was a career criminal,
went on TV to tell everyone his opinion of what happened !!!

A few days later, Pam read an article about a lawsuit that the MCSD is
named in, over arresting and jailing a woman for possession of COTTON CANDY.

You can’t make this stuff up!
Google “Georgia woman arrested for Cotton Candy” and see for

Four month’s before Don was shot, a MCSD deputy was BUSTED by a Fox5 i-Team investigation, after he arrested a woman and later took her to a dirt road, where he
offered to help her with her case if she’d give him a BJ.

Since Don’s incident, ANOTHER MCSD deputy was arrested in an undercover Drug sting, by a neighboring county PD!–law/monroe-county-deputy-arrested-drug-possession-distribution-charges/iUBOMfRr2nzebYQu1WZX3N/

This is a disturbing TREND, considering the size of the sheriff’s department.  And a higher authority needs to Investigate them!  There’s much more waiting to be told, but that will have to wait until the upcoming trial.  Thank you for caring enough to read this far.

Don and Pam greatly appreciate your Love,  Prayer’s, and Support.
Thank you again and
God Bless!

You can support Pam and Don’s GoFundMe here, they could really use your help.


  1. So what exactly would they charge him with? If he’s found guilty? He never showed an aggression. He just got shot in the head from my understanding


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