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Paedophile operations: ex-police to submit dossier to Met chief

Former officers fume in further posts on private forum about ‘halted’ cases against VIPs

By Alex Varley-Winter | 20 December 2014

Paedophile operations: ex-police to submit dossier to Met chiefFormer police officers who revealed on a private online forum a cover-up for VIP paedophiles are to submit a dossier of statements to Scotland Yard.

The ex-officers agreed to draw up statements on their claims that police operations against paedophiles were closed down just as they started to uncover child sex abuse by prominent people. They plan to deliver them to the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

They will also deliver their dossier to the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse, which has begun work, despite having no one to chair it.

The potentially huge breakthrough comes after Exaro revealed last week how several former police officers posted a series of explosive comments on a closed online forum for serving or ex-Met staff about how the Yard covered up for paedophiles at the top of UK society.

The former Met officers swapped ideas about how to tell what they know. As the idea gathers pace among participants in the online forum, one former detective constable posts: “Is it me or can anyone else hear the music from ‘Jaws’? The noose duth [sic] tighten.”

One ex-officer with 30 years’ service offers organise the dossier, and asks forum members to e-mail their statements. He writes: “Appreciate its not secure but I figure the people we are up against can read everything anyway.”

A retired firearms instructor in the Met) says: “Great idea… Don’t forget to keep a copy though! As it will probably go (missing) when you hand it all over.”

Exaro revealed last month that two ex-Met officers – one formerly of Special Branch – have come forward to the Met on the current wide-ranging investigation into child sex abuse by a network of MPs and VIPs how there was a powerful group of “untouchable” paedophiles in Parliament.

In further posts, former officers make a series of blunt comments about how the Met had shut down paedophile investigations.

One former sergeant with 33 years’ service in the Met said: “I was on a surveillance team in about 88/89 following barristers, solicitors, a police officer and a magistrate all involved with kids.”

“But it got suddenly and abruptly halted and no prosecutions ever resulted from the Intel we gathered.” He added: “Strange that.”

The ex-detective constable, who is also understood to have been in the diplomatic protection group in the 1980’s, responded by saying that he worked on the same case.

He wrote: “‘The Operation is cancelled.’” Was the order by the commander to our superintendent. This, the day before the raids. Met wide. When asked why the reason given was, ‘Because I’m a commander, that’s why.’”

Former Met officers discuss how a police officer who was the target of one operation disappeared.

The ex-sergeant wrote that he saw the target about a year later in Amsterdam, “standing in front of me with a boy of about 13 near Dam Square.”

He continued: “I passed the info on but was told it was no longer a concern.”

Last week, Exaro revealed how several former police officers admitted on the private online forum that paedophile investigations by Scotland Yard were closed down as they started to expose VIPs.

Six participants in the discussion threads revealed last week claimed to have direct knowledge of cover-ups of VIP paedophiles. Another eight said that they were told by colleagues or do not specify the basis of their claims.

Today, Exaro publishes further incendiary posts on the forum for police officers, bringing the total who claim to have direct knowledge of closed operations to seven. The total, including those who say that they were told by colleagues or do not specify the basis of their claims, rises to 16 forum members.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard is preparing to produce a shortlist of boys to see whether a key witness, known as ‘Nick’, can recognise any as having been killed by the ‘Westminster paedophile network’. Nick told Exaro and the Met of the murder of three boys, and police are narrowing down the search from an initial list of 200 missing boys from around the relevant time who approximately match the witness’s description.

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