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Police investigate senior Labour MP for ‘charging constituents’

Same politician is under investigation over claims of child sex abuse over many years

By Tim Wood and Alex Varley-Winter | 4 September 2015

“He believes that the MP is going to kill him”
– Conservative MP

Detectives are investigating a senior Labour figure over allegations that he has been charging constituents to represent them as an MP. It forms part of the police investigation, as reported in July, into claims of child sex abuse against the same MP.

A Conservative MP, who asked not to be named, went to police after hearing a series of claims from what he says are independent witnesses against his colleague in the House of Commons.

The Conservative MP told Exaro: “I believe that this man is totally corrupt, and I believe that he is also a paedophile.”

“I have spoken to a lot of people about him, and individually they have all given me different pieces of the jigsaw. I want a very bad man out of Parliament. Everybody thinks that he is a complete crook.”

Exaro first learnt of the police investigation in June from a well-connected source close to officers on the case. The source said that the Labour MP, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had sexually abused two teenagers, who had since attempted suicide and have been receiving treatment at a mental-health unit.

The Sun on Sunday and Mail on Sunday, separately from Exaro, ran stories in July to say that two MPs had reported the Labour politician to police over allegations of child sex abuse. He is accused of preying on boys, and having a liking for “young ragamuffins”.

Exaro can reveal that the police investigation into the Labour MP is more wide-ranging than originally reported.

The Conservative MP said that police were also investigating allegedly corrupt councillors as part of the case. “The constituents pay the councillors, and there is a crooked MP at the top. He charges for stuff that MPs do as part of their normal job for their constituents.”

He understood this to include charging for casework, he said.

The MP added: “Someone is protecting him, and there is no appetite in Parliament for the issue of child sex abuse. When you start talking about it you quickly find that you have not got any mates. I do not detect an appetite for anyone to help me on this.”

Police were investigating allegations that the Labour MP had, for more than a decade, been sexually abusing boys, he said. His information was that one of those abused had attempted suicide.

The MP was driven to go to the police, he said, when he heard that one of those allegedly abused by the Labour MP was in fear of his life.

“He believes that the MP is going to kill him. I found that chilling. How could I live with myself if someone was murdered? That is why I went to the police.”

He drew a parallel with the scandal at the BBC over Jimmy Savile, the late television and radio star. “This has all the hallmarks of the Savile scandal. Everybody knows what a bad man he is, but he is still there,” he said.

The police force that is carrying out the investigation would make no comment.

Westminster has been besieged with claims of child sex abuse over many years by politicians and other public figures, and of a long-running cover-up.

Last week, Harvey Proctor, former Conservative MP, called a press conference to angrily deny allegations against him of child abuse, torture and murder, which the Metropolitan Police Service is investigating under ‘Operation Midland’.

And on Tuesday, Exaro revealed the existence of confidential files on alleged sexual offences by members of the House of Lords.

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