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Police privately admit ‘cover-up’ for paedophile MPs and VIPs

Officers reveal in closed online forum secrets of how sensitive operations were closed

By Alex Varley-Winter | 13 December 2014

Police privately admit ‘cover-up’ for paedophile MPs and VIPs

Several former police officers admitted in a private online forum that paedophile investigations by Scotland Yard were closed down as they started to expose VIPs.

They made a series of explosive comments over four months in a closed forum for former and serving officers in the Metropolitan Police Service.

A forum member gave Exaro access to a series of discussion threads in which 14 participants talk about a cover-up of paedophiles at the top of UK society.

One former detective posted: “It went to cabinet level.”

A long-serving sergeant is one of two officers who talked about separate colleagues who were left broken after such operations were halted. He wrote: “A long long time ago when i was on the crime squad we had a di [detective inspector] who used to stay very late in his office drinking whisky. He was a nice guy. Good cop.

“He used to tell you about an op he was on which uncovered paedos at the highest parts of the gov and society.

“Then he told how sb [Special Branch] shut it all down in one day. Took all the files and evidence.

“I never really knew if it was a ‘lamp swinging’ [wildly exaggerated story] back then. I do now. Poor bastard. That broke him. I want these people nailed to a wall for what they did to those kids and the good cops who tried to stop them.”

Another former officer, who was in the Met for 30 years, added: “It was all true and got very close.” This officer, in a separate post, also said that ‘Operation Hedgerow’ carried out surveillance from 1987 to 1989 on a paedophile ring based in west London and led to 20 arrests and 14 convictions, but was cut short. “Got very close to Parliament,” he wrote.

In another discussion, a former sergeant with 33 years’ service asks another forum member, an ex-surveillance officer who was in the territorial support group (TSG): “I don’t know if you were on 8 TSG when we did the big surveillance op on the paedophile ring but all we were following were Lawyers and bloody Police Officers! (oddly as the op expanded up the greasy pole of high society the job got canned….)”

His former colleague replied: “Nope, I was told by C team about it when I joined just after you left I think… We had the same on the crime squad at DM [Marylebone police station].”

A serving detective constable added: “Must’ve been the investigation I heard about at Wapping that got canned. Disgraceful order from above.”

One participant says that he worked for “UK gov”, and signed the Official Secrets Act. He wrote: “The cover up began in 1985 when operations were closed for no apparent reason except that prominent persons were allegedly involved and again in 1990 and again over the North Wales child abuse and successive governments have continued the practice.”

One ex-officer of 30 years’ service wrote: “Some very senior people have been habitually sexually assaulting the most vulnerable in society.”

In a separate post, he said: “This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts. It goes to the very heart of our establishment. There is very clear evidence that the general nature of the allegations are true. There are enough officers on this site who have mentioned paedophile ops involving high profile politicians being stopped at the eleventh hour.”

The exposure of the explosive comments comes after Exaro revealed last month how two ex-Met officers – one formerly of Special Branch – have come forward to tell detectives on the current wide-ranging investigation into child sex abuse by a network of MPs and VIPs how there was a powerful group of “untouchable” paedophiles in Parliament.

And it comes as Scotland Yard is investigating an allegation that a young boy was murdered by a Conservative MP during a sexual assault. The allegation is that the boy was one of three killed by the network of VIP paedophiles.

Today, Exaro reveals the incendiary posts on the private online forum for police officers.

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