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Police raided this former officer in ‘cover-up’ for Lord Janner

Officers swooped on home in 1991 to seize evidence of Labour MP’s child sex abuse

By Alex Varley-Winter | 27 June 2015

Police raided this former officer in ‘cover-up’ for Lord Janner
Raided: Ian Henning, on a more relaxing occasion at home where police swooped

Police raided this former officer in ‘cover-up’ for Lord JannerPolice face accusations that they staged a raid to seize evidence of paedophilia by then Labour MP Greville Janner as part of a massive cover-up.

Exaro has obtained a sensational statement by a former police officer who gave a detailed account of how he was arrested and his home raided in 1991 in an attempt to collect personal letters between Janner and a boy whom the influential politician is alleged to have sexually abused.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is overseeing an investigation into the claims of cover-up by Leicestershire Constabulary.

The former police officer, Ian Henning, had become a legal clerk for a law firm in Leicester. He was part of the legal team for Frank Beck, a warden for children’s homes in Leicestershire, who was given five jail sentences of life for child sex abuse.

In his statement, Henning includes a series of staggering quotes from Leicestershire detectives who talked to him about Janner and child sex abuse in the run-up to the Beck trial. Janner was a backbench MP in Leicester from 1970 to 1997.

“We (police) have known about Janner and young boys for ages,” reports Henning in the statement. Officers told him that he “must be the only person in Leicester” who did not know, his statement said. Scotland Yard had “a file on him for abusing kids in Notting Hill”.

They also said, according to Henning’s statement, that Janner and the then chief constable, the late Michael Hirst, were “close personal friends”. In other documents, Henning said that Janner and Hirst were fellow freemasons.

“Strings are being pulled up above,” Henning quoted officers as saying. Police officers “repeatedly” told him: “Greville Janner will be covered up.”

Detectives had a detailed statement from one boy on how Janner sexually abused him, along with a host of supporting evidence.

They also believed that Janner “had buggered at least two other children” who were in care, wrote Henning.

The boy’s evidence and a few sentences from Henning’s statement have previously been reported.

But Exaro has obtained Henning’s entire statement, and today publishes more than 4,000 words of explosive extracts.

Henning, who worked for the Metropolitan Police Service for 18 years, was raided the week after Beck was convicted of 17 counts of sexual abuse of children in his care.

The ex-officer’s statement of 1993 was for a judicial review to overturn what he said was a ban by Leicestershire Constabulary on his visiting police stations to accompany clients to interviews.

The police raid on his partner’s house, where he lived, was carried out the day after he was given permission to seek judicial review.

The judicial review itself was later rejected, but he was granted leave to appeal.

Before the appeal was heard, however, Henning died in a road accident in 1995.

His arrest, meanwhile, resulted in no further action.

The disclosures from his statement come after Alison Saunders, director of public prosecutions, provoked fury in April when she announced her refusal to prosecute Janner for 22 counts of child sex abuse following an exhaustive investigation by Leicestershire Constabulary over the past two years.

The Daily Mail reported today that a review commissioned by the DPP will recommend a reversal of her decision, meaning at least a “trial of the facts”.

On Tuesday, Simon Danczuk, Labour MP, told Parliament about the recent police investigation into Janner. “Children being violated, raped and tortured, some in the very building in which we now sit,” he said.

The DPP also said in April that Janner should have been prosecuted on three previous occasions, including 1991 when claims surfaced in the Beck investigation.

Tony Blair, as prime minister, made Janner a Lord in 1997.

Janner always denied claims that he was a paedophile, standing up in Parliament to defend his reputation after allegations were made in court during the Beck case that he sexually abused a boy. Several other MPs leapt to his defence at the time.

Exaro today publishes extracts from the Henning statement on the raid on his home.

And Exaro has also compiled extracts in which Henning details what the police told him about Janner and child sex abuse all those years ago.

Additional research by Matthew Gilley and Samuel Osborne.

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