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Pressure builds on DPP to re-think block on Lord Janner case

Chorus of calls from 393 MPs/election candidates for Alison Saunders to reverse decision

By Mark Watts and Mark Conrad | 25 April 2015

Pressure builds on DPP to re-think block on Lord Janner caseUpdated many times, latest: 7 May 2015, with additional MPs/election candidates, comments, and amended figures, as well as altered second headline.

MPs are joining the call on director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders to reverse her decision not to prosecute Labour peer Lord Janner.

Uproar greeted the DPP’s decision just over a week ago that while there was enough evidence to charge Janner on 22 counts of sexually abusing nine boys, it was not in the public interest to do so because he had severe dementia.

Simon Danczuk, who as an MP co-authored a book that exposed Sir Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP who died in 2010, as a paedophile, led the call by politicians for the DPP to think again, asking: “Have we learnt anything from the mistakes of the past?”

Exaro today reveals fresh doubts over the medical evidence that underpins the DPP’s Janner decision. The six “key findings” of the medical evidence, as summarised by the DPP in her statement just over a week ago, were not all agreed by the four experts who gave assessments for the case.

Danczuk told Exaro: “Every day, Alison Saunders becomes more isolated on her terrible decision not to prosecute Lord Janner. We know that the police and alleged victims do not agree with her decision. We know that the public do not agree with it, and it has also been reported that the eminent QCs who advised her did not agree with her decision.”

A week ago, Exaro also revealed how Scotland Yard had for six months been investigating allegations that Janner was part of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

Janner was one of a group of 12 VIPs who were allegedly members of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, as named to Exaro last year by an abuse survivor known as “Nick”.

On Tuesday, Danczuk and an initial group of 11 other MPs/election candidates wrote the following letter to The Times:


We were encouraged last year by the commitment from the director of public prosecutions, Alison Saunders, to pursue justice for sexual abuse victims whether their cases were “30 days or 30 years old”. She stated the public would be horrified if she did not do this – yet she has decided not to put Lord Janner of Braunstone on trial for alleged historic child abuse. Have we learnt anything from the mistakes of the past?

As long as justice is not seen to be done and the greater public interest is not served, the public will see attempts to investigate establishment figures involved in historic child abuse as a whitewash.

The CPS has acknowledged the case against Lord Janner passes its evidential test, and there are established precedents in proceeding with cases against defendants with advanced dementia. Defendants have been charged with child abuse and found guilty in their absence. One man’s ill health cannot be a barrier to the greater public interest.

Clearly this is damaging public confidence. Mrs Saunders must recognise this and immediately reverse her decision – or look at other routes to providing justice.

Since then, Exaro’s Twitter followers have tweeted other MPs/election candidates to ask whether they back the call by the initial group of 12.

It was reminiscent of the campaign that last year forced the government to set up the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse.

So far, 393 MPs/election candidates in total back the call for the DPP to reverse the Janner decision: 55 Conservative, 75 Liberal Democrats and 101 from Labour as well as 162 from other parties, including 94 from the Green Party.

Several peers also joined the call, including Baroness Hussein-Ece and Lord Paddick, Liberal Democrats; the Earl of Shrewsbury, a Conservative; Lord Berkeley of Knighton, crossbencher, Baroness Jones, Green; and Baroness Smith, shadow minister for home affairs, Baroness Jones, shadow minister for education, and Lord Harris, also Labour.

Lord Falconer, former Lord Chancellor and justice secretary, said: “I think that she was wrong.”

“There should have been an open hearing before a jury as to whether or not Lord Janner was fit to plead or not.

“What Alison Saunders has said – there is no that question there was sufficient evidence to justify a prosecution – it would be for the jury to decide whether he was guilty. But the idea of making that decision behind closed doors gives rise to suspicion.

“I am not saying whether he was or was not fit to plead, but it should have been decided by a jury.”

“If it had been decided that he was unfit to plead, there is a procedure that allows for the facts to be heard and a view by a court to be formed as to whether or not the offences occurred.”

“I think that it is wholly wrong that this has been done behind closed doors. There is a legitimate court process that would have ensured fairness, and I believe that the DPP should have used it.”

In addition, Theresa May, home secretary, Jeremy Hunt, health secretary, and Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, were among at least 35 other MPs/election candidates who expressed concern about the DPP’s decision, making a total of 428 and rising who have misgivings.

Hunt said: “We all think that there is something very, very strange here where someone was signing official letters only a matter of weeks ago and is somehow escaping prosecution for something so incredibly serious.”

Among those who have expressed concern, including those who called for a review, are: Graham Brady, Therese Coffey, Richard Graham, Spencer Drury, George Grant, Nigel Huddleston, Robert Oliver, Alistair Burt (Conservative); Annette Brooke, Martin Horwood, Greg Mulholland, Andrew George, Susan van de Ven, Jo Hayes, Stuart Mole (Liberal Democrat); Toby Perkins, Andy Sawford, Yvonne Fovargue, Clair Hawkins, Justin Madders, Margaret Pinder, Julian Ware-Lane (Labour); Daniel Goldsmith, Jake Bowers, Charlotte George, Rebecca Johnson, Ron Meldrum, Tim Dawes, Paul Frost, Monica Cassidy (Green); Michelle Thomson (Scottish National Party).

Even Janner’s long-time friend, Keith Vaz, the Labour MP who chaired the House of Commons home affairs committee in the last Parliament, said that it should be reviewed.

In addition, members of the Scottish and European parliaments also joined in the call by the initial group of 12 MPs.

Lord Macdonald, a former DPP, suggested that Saunders was wrong not to let a court decide. “Might have been better,” he said.

However, David Cameron, prime minister, stressed that it is a matter for Saunders as DPP.

The beleaguered DPP replied to her critics last week by strongly defending her decision. In an interview with BBC2’s Newsnight, Saunders stressed the importance of the medical evidence in her decision. “What I took into account was four experts who all said, he had dementia, it was dementia that had accelerated very quickly,” she said.

This is the full list of MPs/election candidates who are supporting the call so far (with the initial 12 underlined, and additions since 4 May 2015 in italics), with their tweets or other comments, mostly in response to being asked whether they support the call for the DPP to reverse her decision.

Sue Arnold: “absolutely! A court should decide if he’s fit to stand.. Evidence there it’s in public interest.”
Anwen Barry: “Yes, Please add my name to this list as I think this decision needs revisiting.”
Jake Berry tweeted: “yes it’s wrong! and needs a review.”
James Berry: “Absolutely”
Bob Blackman: “yes” and, “In my view a judge should rule on fitness to stand trial after hearing appropriate arguments.”
Will Blair: “absolutely, please add my name. Decision needs to be urgently reversed for sake of victims’ confidence in the system.”
Steve Brine: “Yes, absolutely. Also need an investigation into how it was the case didn’t get considered earlier by the CPS.”
Neil Carmichael: “yes, I think the Lord Janner case needs to be revisited. Evidence should be properly tested in the public interest.”
Tracey Crouch
Philip Davies: “Yes – absolutely. Have been in touch with @SimonDanczuk to offer my support to him”
Nick de Bois: “absolutely – as a former member of Justice Select Comm the decision ranks amongst one of the most inexplicable I have seen”
David Davies: “yes”
Bob Dhillon: “Yes no problem”
Leo Docherty: “yes certainly”
Nadine Dorries
Flick Drummond: “yes you can. No one should get away with any abuse of vulnerable people.”
Anna Firth: “If Lord Janner is still sitting in HL then most certainly, yes. It depends on whether he is medically fit to stand trial,” adding that a trial of the facts “sounds sensible”.
Kevin Foster: “Should be for a judge to decide if fit to stand trial not DPP.”
Liam Fox, former defence secretary: “I think that what should happen is that it goes before a court, in terms of fitness to plead, and then you can try the evidence.”
Jo Gideon: “Yes, you can.”
Zac Goldsmith
Daniel Hamilton: “Yes, of course. It would seem to be that the decision should be taken by a court based upon a robust medical assessment.”
Leon Hadji-Nikolaou: “yes”
Rebecca Harris: “yes! No problem. How?”
Simon Hoare: “yes you may. A terrible decision not to prosecute”
Andrea Jenkyns: “Yes definitely”
Boris Johnson, mayor of London, said that the DPP’s decision on Lord Janner was “disgraceful and regrettable”, adding that a trial of the facts “would be good”.
David Jones: “certainly; the issue of fitness should be determined by a judge”
Les Jones: “In principle, yes. However, this has to be a judicial decision, not a witch hunt.”
Gillian Keegan: “happy to support this as if he can be a company director up until three weeks ago he can respond to questions.”
Simon Kirby: “yes the decision needs to be reviewed”
Charlotte Leslie: “yes definitely”
Tim Loughton, former children’s minister: “me too”
Michelle Lowe: “Yes please… I believe in justice – just hope we achieve it in this case.”
Christine Mackay: “Absolutely. This decision should be urgently reviewed and evidence/fitness to stand tested by a court.”
Jade Marsden: “yes, definitely needs to be reviewed. Sooner rather than later.”
Ann Myatt: “Yes, you may.”
Jason McCartney: “Absolutely, the decision needs to be reviewed!”
Melanie Magee: “definitely!”
Jeremy Moulton: “yes it does seems like the wrong decision”
Caroline Nokes: “yes – I certainly do”
Arun Photay: “YES! You have my full support!”
Suria Photay: “yes, I believe the court should decide if he is fit to stand.”
Douglas Ross: “yes you can. A trial looking at the facts of the case and determined by a court is the only way forward.”
Richard Royal: “absolutely. Justice must be done.”
Dean Russell: “100% yes. Such appalling crimes should always be fully investigated – it is the right thing to do for victims & for society”
Henry Smith: “yes.”
Julian Smith: “yes”
Royston Smith: “absolutely”
Gary Streeter: “you may”
Derek Wann: “please add my name thanks”
David Warburton: “Yes. It seems to me to be entirely wrong – fitness to plead should go before a court.”
Neil Wilson: “yep.”
Sarah Wollaston
Scott Wood: “of course you may.”

Liberal Democrat
Elizabeth Adams: “Absolutely 100% support. Victims need support + to be taken seriously. Examining cases properly is best way to stop in future.”
Robert Adamson: “yes”
Elaine Bagshaw: “Yes you can add me. Thanks”
Reetendra Nath Banerji: “Absolutely. Open and fair justice for all.”
James Blanchard: “You may! We need a properly ind. inquiry into how police and other bodies allowed him, Smith and Brittan to get away with it”
Julia Cambridge: “I’m deeply disturbed that victims of abuse may not get the justice they deserve any case of this sort should be before a court”
Trevor Carbin: “Yes please do”
Victor Chamberlain: “happy to support the campaign. It should be for the courts to decide.”
Paul Childs: “you can”
Aqila Choudhry: “Please add me on”
Daisy Cooper: “Yes, without reservation. And I hope many more do, too.”
Simon de Deney: “yes”
Imogen Shepherd Dubey: “Yes – The Lord Janner trial needs to go ahead”
Philip Eades: “Yes otherwise accusations of whitewash and cover up will continue”
Leo Evans: “Yes you can. Evidence should be put before a court.”
Benjamin Fearn: “Yes, you can. Justice must be seen to be done”
Julia Fletcher: “Yes, please add my name to the list.”
Helen Flynn: “Yes, you can add my name.”
Stephen Glenn: “You can certainly add my name. The court should be able to review the evidence, its judgement can account for health situation”
Julia Goldsworthy: “yes, it should be for the courts to decide”
Ed Goncalves: “yes you certainly may. Disgraceful decision”
David Goodall: “Yes add my name, it should be for the court to decide, if he can sit in the Lords then he can sit in court.”
Gita Gordon: “Thanks for contacting. I whole heartedly support the call for reversal of the DPP decision in this matter.”
Colin Green: “If there is sufficient evidence and he is fit to plead, he should be brought to trial, yes.”
Garth Harkness: “yes you can. The case should go to court where everything can be considered. It can’t be ignored”
James Harrison: “Yes I believe this matter should be heard in court”
John Hemming
Gill Hickson: “Yes you can. So many missed opportunities to prosecute.”
Wera Hobhouse: “yes, if I was a victim I would feel utterly let down”
Phil Hutty: “yes you can”
Linda Jack: “yes absolutely – please do!”.
Christina Jebb: “please do add my name to the list of Liberal Democrat candidates re reversal of DPP decision re Lord Janner”
Kirsten Johnson: “yes…sorry, just picked up the tweet! Do add my name.”
Lorraine Johnson: “Yes If a court decides that Janner is unfit to plead sobeit but the victim deserves for the facts to be heard in court”
Joe Jordan: “evidence should be heard in court, by the legal process mentioned by Lord Faulkner. Justice must be seen to be done.”
Dinah Keal: “Yes – definitely – survivors need proper recourse to justice not decisions behind closed doors”
Lauren Keith: “Hello… you can indeed add my name to this. Thanks”
Norman Lamb, health minister: “This matter should not be concluded by the DPP and should be brought before a court.”
John Leech: “Yes. Support families call for review of DPP decision.”
Nick Love said in an e-mail to Exaro: “Could you please add my name to the list of Parliamentary candidates supporting your campaign to get the DPP to reverse the decision to block the prosecution of Lord Janner.”
Richard Marbrow: “Yes. A court should hear evidence of his fitness or otherwise to plead.”
Paul McGarry: “yes you can it is right that a court should hear this case.”
Alisdair McGregor: “Yes, I believe the public interest makes a trial necessary.”
Edward McMillan-Scott: “of course. Has Yvette Cooper signed up yet?”
Robin Meltzer: “Yes. Independence of prosecuting authorities v. important but review of this decision is needed otherwise no public confidence”
Morwen Millson: “Yes”
Michael Mullaney: “agree with you it should go to court”
John Munro: “Yes please do.”
Tessa Munt
Joe Otten: “Yes. I would have more sympathy with ‘public interest’ excuse if they didn’t prosecute ppl with chronic pain taking cannabis.”
Turhan Ozen: “For justice and peace for victims, yes.”
Angela Paterson: “yes I believe we need to look at this case again.”
Jackie Porter: “Yes, please do. As others have said, decision should have been made by a jury, and justice then can follow proper course.”
Mike Powell: “Absolutely. Disgraceful decision not to prosecute.”
Anuja Punj Prashar: “yes you may add my name to the list.”
Ian Priestner: “yes absolutely try in absentia otherwise opens the floodgates for this defence”
Dave Raval: “absolutely you can. Moreover, can you please let people know of this petition on the very same subject?”
Simon Rix: “Sure. A bad decision that should be reversed.”
Samuel Ellis Rees: “Yes will add my name to it.”
Rachel Sadler: “Certainly”
Sanjay Samani: “Yes. Suitability to stand trial should be decided in a courtroom, not by the DPP, especially for a case of this seriousness.”
Simon Sansome: “yes”
Shas Sheehan: “100%”
Steve Sollitt: “Yes you can add me Steve”
Ettie Spencer: “Definitely add my name to the list. It’s right that this case should be brought before a court.”
Terry Stacy: “please add my name to your campaign, let the courts decide”
Luke Taylor: “yes, yes you can…”
Owen Temple: “Yes. Let a Judge decide fitness, not the DPP”
Tom Thornhill: “I support justice for all victims of abuse – it’s vital to our society. Do please add my name.”
Mike Thornton: “I think it certainly should go to court”
Christine Tinker: “Yes, please do add my name – justice needs to be seen to be carried out.”
Alex White: “Absolutely. Please add my name.”
Mark Williams: “yes I would””
Stephen Williams: “Yes, if there is compelling evidence, it should be tested in court”
Matthew Winnington: “Absolutely. I cannot understand why this hasn’t been sent to the courts to decide. They should make decisions not the DPP.”

Azhar Ali: “Yes”
Laween Atroshi: “of course”
Louise Baldock: “absolutely”
Gareth Barrett: “yes, fully support.”
Polly Billington: “yes pls add my name”
Caitlin Bisknell: “Yes, you certainly can. Justice needs to be seen to be done”
Barry Black: “Absolutely. @SimonDanczuk is spot on, have we learnt nothing from the past?”
Tom Blenkinsop: “yes & there’s precedent.”
Paul Blomfield: “Yes The decision must be reviewed to provide justice.”
Stefano Borella: “Yes”
Michael Borio: “Happy to support the campaign. Good luck in achieving justice”
Andy Botham: “you certainly can.”
Lesley Brennan: “yes, definitely”
Emily Brothers: “I don’t understand why the DPP didn’t act far earlier than this – disgraceful,” and, “Yes please add me. I support the call for DPP to reverse decision and have a trial of fact.”
Denise Burke: “yes I support reversal of DPP decision on Janner”
Dawn Butler: “yes”
Ed Buxton: “yes of course. Fitness to stand trial must be heard in court, and clearly scrutinised”
Gavin Callaghan: “100% support this.”
Patrick Canavan: “DPP decision needs to be reversed to give a court the decision about capacity”
Sue Castillon: “add my name to the list but team it up with support for the MPs Recall Act”
Brendan Chilton: “Yes you can!”
Joe Cooke e-mailed Exaro to say: “Hi – please add ‘Yes’ from me”
Graham Currie: “YES completely, justice must be seen to be done for the victims. The only way is for this process to happen.”
Sarah Champion: “Absolutely! Justice is so important for survivors to have closure”
John Clarke: “Yes you may”
Ann Clwyd: “Yes I think the decision needs to be revisited for a second opinion in open court so we have transparency”
Chris Conniff: “Yes I fully support.”
Simon Danczuk
Cammy Day: “yes”
Fiona Dent: “Yes, I don’t understand why he is not fit to stand trial but is fit to serve in the Lords?!”
Simon Diggins: “Yes, you may. Some things need to see the light of day; this case is one of them”
David Drew: “Yes, but need to add in all the others!”
Archie Dryburgh: “absolutely yes there is nothing more important than the safety of our children”
Claire Edwards: “yes”
Natascha Engel: “of course”
Barrie Fairbairn: “There is anecdotal evidence Janner has capacity. His capacity requires urgent review,” and, “I have to say there is tension between the interest of the public and the public interest test of the Prosecution Service,” adding, “I am on balance persuaded Justice must not only be done. It must be seen to be done.”
Robert Flello: “Yes, I will indeed add my name if re-elected to the call for a review of the decision on #Janner”
Paul Flynn: “It’s a difficult but the interests of the alleged abused trump the interests of the alleged perpetrator Janner. Day in Court RIGHT”
Katrina Gilman: “yes I would support”
Mary Galbraith: “Yes – I support this campaign.”
Lilian Greenwood: “yes”
Neil Guild: “Yes, support. I do think it should have been heard before a court rather than a decision made by CPS alone”
Amanda Hack: “agree with @JohnMannMP & cross party letter the times ‘decision not to prosecute Janner must be reversed’”
Sam Hale: “I do support calls for a reversal of decision not to charge Mr Janner.”
Sue Hayman: “yes I’m happy to support.”
Jim Hood: “Yes I certainly will support the call for DPP decision to be reversed. It was a disgraceful and questionable decision.”
Rupa Huq: “Yes decision should be reviewed, badly handled. Happy to add my name to this.”
Chris Inchley: “no one should be above the law, the courts should decide Janners fate”
Diana Johnson: “Yes absolutely agree need 4 a review. Much better if decision made in open court with a jury – transparent decision making.”
Huw Jones: “Justice for the victims requires that a court decides whether Janner is fit to plead”
Barbara Keeley: “Yes, I agree with the need for a review and that the decision should be taken in open court with a jury.”
Liz Kendall: “yes of course”
Caroline Kolek: “yes I do support this, all allegations of this nature should be investigated when there is evidence.”
Michael Lerry: “yes I would”
Emma Lewell-Buck: “Yes of course, Emma
Declan Lloyd: “will do”
Pete Lowe: “Yes please. We need to be fully open and transparent.”
Su Maddock: “sure”
Bilal Mahmood: “Yes”
Seema Malhotra: “yes – I absolutely agree there needs to be a review. And that victims voices are heard.”
Rachael Maskell: “Janner must face justice. All those who are accused of violating the law, let alone another person must face justice.”
John Mann
Michael McCann: “yes”
Trudie McGuiness: “Yes, I will. Justice must not only be done, but it needs to be seen to be done. I work in child protection and feel strongly.”
Liz McInnes: “Yes, I will. The evidence should be heard.”
Grahame Morris: “Yes of course. How do I do that,” and, “Yes please add my name to the letter seeking a reversal or even a review of the DPP decision on Lord Janner”
Sean Morton: “Happy to support… victims must have closure”
Ian Murray e-mailed to say: “Happy to sign.”
Arran Neathey: “Please do add my name to the call to reconsider the decision on Janner.”
Albert Owen: “Yes”
Darren Paffey: “Yes, please do. Decision should have been made by a jury, and justice must follow proper course.”
Jason Pandya-Wood: “Pls do add me to this list.”
Sachin Patel e-mailed Exaro to say: “Please add my name to the letter. I believe the decision on fitness should be made in open court.
Teresa Pearce: “yes where do I sign”
Stephanie Peacock: “yes I support calls for decision to be reversed”
Jess Phillips: “gladly”
Kerry Pollard: “Yes of course – bring the evidence out and have a trial – innocent until proven guilty”
Darren Price: “Yes, of course I will. A court should decide if he is fit to give evidence.”
Steve Reed: “yes!” and, “it’s right that politicians don’t make these decisions but this particular decision does seem highly questionable”
Joe Riches: “yes”
Stuart Rose: “would happily do this”
Lee Rushworth: “I say Yes …. justice must be done”
Joanne Rust: “yes.”
Liz Savage: “Happy to.”
Alison Seabeck: “understand there is a precedent so yes on that basis add my name.”
Barry Sheerman: “Yes!”
Jo Stevens: “decision on fitness to plead should be made in open court.”
Wes Streeting: “Please do.”
Jed Sullivan: “please do, the law should be applied consistently and without prejudice”
Sharon Taylor: “Yes please, for the victims sake there should be no hiding place from public examination of these cases.”
Michelle Thew: “Please do. I’m concerned about lack of transparency & would want decision by jury and court process.”
Simon Thomson: “yes!”
Nick Thulbourn: “yes you can”
Stephen Twigg: “yes I will.”
Daniel Walton: “Yes and examination of the case can mean helping to ensure chances of happening again are slimmed.”
Tom Watson: “yes of course.”
Catherine West: “yes. Very sad case but victims need to come first in our justice system.”
Russell Whiting: “yes please do”
Sean Woodcock: “Yes you may.”
Iain Wright: “I certainly will.”

Sean Adam: “in one word YES!”
Claire Allen: “yes, absolutely.”
Geoffrey Barnes: “yes, the current decision has all the hallmarks of a cover up”
Martin Bartos: “I agree that court should scrutinise/decide fitness of defendants in serious cases and considers examination of facts.”
Ben Basson: “please add my name to your campaign to reverse DPP decision over Janner.”
Ian Baxter: “You certainly can!!”
Natalie Bennett, party leader: “absolutely. Jury should decide.”
Joe Belcher: “Please add my name to the campaign – and have my full support.”
Daisy Blench: “yes absolutely DPP decision on #Janner should be reversed – we must allow justice for victims of abuse”
Katharina Boettge: “Yes I would. I believe he was able to sign papers the week prior. So no problem with his mental capacity then!”
Andrew Boswell: “yes, please add my name. Thank you.”
Catrin Brock: “yes, absolutely.”
Andy Brown: “Of course – even if he is too ill to understand proceedings the evidence needs to be heard”
Ross Brown: “yes please do”
Lewis Campbell: “Add me to the list as this should go to courts same as any other person!”
Sophie Christophy: “Yes I will. I also spoke out on this at the public hustings in my constituency last week” and, “It is an outrage. The government has a duty to protect and seek justice for the victims of these crimes.”
Adam Van Coevorden: “Definitely” and, “so pleased that people aren’t backing down on this.”
Chris Copeman e-mailed Exaro to say: “I believe the Lord Janner case should be reopened, and it should be established properly whether he is fit to stand trial.”
Peter Cranie: “you have my support for campaign to have the decision looked at again. Thanks for all your work in keeping these issues public”
Jon Cousins e-mailed Exaro to say: “Please can you add me to your list of election candidates… I think that Janner should stand trial for 22 alleged sexual offences.”
Adrian Cruden: “Yes… it certainly needs reviewing; justice needs to be transparent.”
John Devine: “Glad to.”
Richard Doherty: “please do”
Will Duckworth: “Yes. Please add me!”
Shona Dunn: “yes, please add my name. This is not justice.”
Tony Dyer: “Yes, I certainly will. if Janner really is too ill, infirm can be tried in absentia but justice needs to be seen to be done”
Graham Elliott: “Yes! It is for the courts to decide whether he is fit to stand trial.”
Jonathan Elmer: “yes I would like to add my support.”
Charlotte Farrell: “yes of course”
Charlotte Fletcher: “My name can be added as another GE candidate who wants to see the DPP Janner decision reversed”
Peter Garbutt: “I back calls for the DPP decision re #Janner to be reversed, and for justice to take its full course.”
Tim Goodall: “yes pls add my name”
David Hampton: “Yes. Absolutely. 100%”
Poppy Hebden-Leeder: “yes, please add my name to this. It is in the public interest to revisit DPP decision”
Christopher Hedley: “Please add my name to the list.”
Carl Hewitt: “certainly will! Strange how he was well enough to sign off his house of lord’s expenses a few weeks earlier isn’t it!”
Ralph Hierons: “The evidence needs full & public investigation. #Janner”
Pauline Hinchion: “Yes absolutely”
Mark Hollinrake: “Please add my name.”
Nicola Holmes: “Yes a jury must decide”
Michael Holt: “Definitely!”
Charlotte Hughes: “yes I will”
Jody Jamieson: “absolutely. Disgraceful decision. You have my support”
Nimit Jethwa: “I do, especially as the CPS has prosecuted several people who have Alzheimer”
Andrew Johnston: “Happy to add my name for #Janner investigation calls. YES 100% YES”
Marie Jones: “yes, gladly”
Tanya Jones: “Yes, please add my name – the interests of justice require that the medical evidence be tested robustly.”
Jonathan Kent: “Hi – support the idea of a trial to establish facts if Janner unable to speak in own defence”
Shasha Khan: “Yes I will support.”
Charlie Kiss: “Yes… Please can you add my name to list calling for a reversal of DPP decision” 
Kimberley Lawson: “yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Please add my name to the list.”
Richard Lawson: “Have done, and tweeted the link. Thanks. We will win this.”
Robert Lindsay: “Yes, Trial needed.”
Kim Long: “Yes. The most important thing is alleged victims’ right to be heard and taken seriously.”
James Lovatt: “yes”
Caroline Lucas
Cass Macgregor: “YES. The evidence should be heard in court. This case been delayed enough. Keep up your campaigning!”
Mark Maloney: “Yes! There needs to be transparency not a cover up.”
Alice Mason-Power: “yes absolutely, please add me to the list!”
Anna Masters: “Yes.”
Jess Mayo: “yes this has my full support”
Simon McDougall: “I am very happy to join you in calling for the reversal of DPP decision re #janner”
David Melvin e-mailed Exaro to say: “I support the request that the DPP reverses her decision not to charge Grenville Janner.”
Ian Middleton: “I think the medical evidence for the block on his prosecution should be heard in open court”
Diana Moore: “yes, DPP must present #Janner case to court. We need consistence & concerted action to bring abuse cases to trail”
Jennifer Nadel: “Justice requires that all who say #Janner abused them deserve a full hearing.”
Richard Openshaw: “Yes, I believe a court should make that decision and the evidence should be heard.”
Isla O’Reilly: “Yes please do add my name to list. There needs to be justice for the victims.”
Ruth Osner: “Yes I back the call for DPP to reverse her decision. This situation is not helping the victims get justice.”
Sam Patrone: “Yes, I absolutely support reversal of the #janner decision”
Alistair Polson: “Yes!”
Rachel Roberts: “Yes, the DPP decision was wrong and should be reversed – a jury should decide re. #Janner prosecution”
Nick Robertson-Brown said in an e-mail: “I do not understand why Alison Saunders thinks it’s appropriate to go against police advice and the overwhelming will of the people… You really do have my support, and if I’m elected… I will be shouting loud and clear in an effort to bring this disgusting case to trial.”
Jason Rose: “Please do. If the chief English prosecutor says there is enough evidence the alleged victims deserve the case to be heard.”
Jenny Ross: “I back the call for Janner to stand trial as others with his illness have. These victims deserve justice.
Tina Rothery said in an e-mail to Exaro: “Please add my name to a call for Alison Saunders to reverse her decision on Janner. Thank you so much for the incredibly important and appreciated work you do at Exaro. I watch your feed with interest, and huge concern that justice is being smothered.”
Guy Rubin: “Thanks for this. Yes I am fully in support of your campaign.”
Marc Scheimann: “I would be very happy to sign this.”
Ginnie Shaw: “Yes, I will. Important that evidence is heard in court & jury decide. #Janner doesn’t have to be present”
Ed Targett: “Yes I will & I think @ExaroNews has done a great job. A large h/t to them for their old fashioned investigative journalism”
Isabel Thurston: “I will. He can be tried in absence I gather. Current state doesn’t change what he did. Thank you.”
Jonathan Tier: “Fully support this call!”
Maeve Tomlinson: “DPP must reverse decision on #Janner. Yes, pursue justice for sexual abuse victims and serve the greater public interest”
Lorna Tooley: “I’m happy to support this.”
Veronika Tudhope: “Yes… Victims have rights too.”
Rebecca Tully: “hi, yes I support. Will add x”
Kieran Turner-Dave: “Yes – for the sake of victims past, present and future. No-one should be above the law.”
Tim Valentine: “Yes. I do support this. Prosecution is clearly on the public interest. It is up to the court to decide how to proceed.”
Steve Whiffen: “Count me in!”
Graham White: “I absolutely support this, for too long the powerful have used their privileged to avoid justice for the victims.”
Kevin White: “absolutely, its disgraceful hes being allowed to avoid justice!!”
Terence White: “Add me to the list plz”
Sarah Yapp: “YES. no transparency in that decision?”
Antonia Zenkevitch: “I emailed local supporters after a brave man spoke at a local hustings. Survivors must have justice not silence!” And, “Ive emailed local campaigners & tweeted support.”

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Paula Bradshaw: “Yes, absolutely.”
Naomi Long
Trevor Lunn: “yes you can. DPP decision is wrong and hopefully will be changed.”
Laura Vesty: “I have registered and am awaiting confirmation. Best wishes”

Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
Jeffrey Donaldson: “yes”
Jim Shannon

George Galloway: “I have”
Shiraz Peer: “you can definitely add my name to the list.”
Teval Stephens: “I have been a long standing supporter so you can definitely rely on me for this one.”

UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Lee Clayton: “Absolutely”
Sam Gould: “If evidence is there justice MUST be done, these horrific cover ups and interventions in justice to protect Labour must stop,” and, “Further to this no one or any organisation, government or political party should be above the law – protect our children!”
Brian Otridge: “If there is valid evidence he should be charged. His medical condition is merely mitigation if he is found guilty”
Dean Perks: “alive or dead ill or not if the evidence is there charge him”
Bill Piper e-mailed Exaro to say: “I believe that ALL people involved AND those involved in the cover up ought to be prosecuted!”
Myles Power: “yes I will”
Mark Reckless
Roger Tattersall: “Please add my name… Everyone must be equal before the law – no exceptions for titled lords.”
Lee Upcraft e-mailed Exaro to say: “DPP should stop shielding the wealthy from justice. This must go to court. It is for a jury to decide on his guilt based upon their understanding of the evidence, and if guilty, for the judge to decide upon a punishment fitting to Janner’s current situation.”

Scottish National Party (SNP)
Alan Brown: “yes – regardless of the situation there should always be justice for victims.”
Douglas Chapman: “Absolutely!”
Martin Docherty: “certainly will!!!”
Martyn Day: “yes, happy to support”
Neil Hay: “happy to add my name to your campaign”
Emma Harper: “yes, please add my name. Victims must be heard.”
Drew Hendry: “Absolutely. Victims and relatives deserve the respect and justice demands the examination”
Paul Monaghan: “Of course. Done.”
Roger Mullin: “Please do. The victims must be heard, and justice must be done.”
Angus MacNeil: “yes”
John Nicolson: “I think the evidence needs to be examined in court – and believe the victims deserve to be heard.”
Tommy Sheppard: “Will be more than happy to add my name to this.”

Independent Alliance Party
Tony Johnson: “If Janner can’t stand trial physically or Mentally, he can be tried in absentia!”

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)
Mike Barker: see e-mail below
Heather Rawling: see e-mail below
Megan Ollerhead: “yes – the decision not to prosecute is appalling”
Andrew Walton said in an e-mail to Exaro on behalf of himself and Heather Rawling and Mike Barker: “We believe that there is no good reason not to bring this case to trial – for the sake of any possible victims of the alleged paedophile Janner, who will have to live with the effects of abuse for the rest of their lives… Please add our names to the list of candidates supporting the reversal of the DPP’s decision.”

Independents for Bristol
Dawn Parry e-mailed Exaro to say: “I want to join in the request for Janner to be prosecuted”

Plaid Cymru
Simon Coopey: “Yes, please do.”
Ben Foday: “Absolutely! 100%”
Freddy Greaves: “Yes please”
Cerith Griffiths: “you most certainly can. What has gone on here is an absolute outrage.”
Elin Walker Jones: “yes”
Osian Lewis: “absolutely”
Dafydd Meurig: “Yes, certainly.”
Martin Pollard: “Yes, please do.”
James Radcliffe: “Yes you certainly can add my name to that list.”
Mair Rowlands: “yes Im happy to support, there should always be justice for victims”
Tim Thomas: “Yes you may”
Hywel Williams: “You certainly can! Happy to support this.”

Michael Doherty: “I fully support the call for #Janner to be indicted and face trial.”
Richard Lupson-Darnell: “yes you may”
Robin Scott: “yes. I think that the decision whether he is fit to plead should be put before a court. Its clearly an important case.”
Ian Selby: “B4 U ask, U may add my name to support reversal of DPP decision re Lord #Janner.”
Matt Taylor: “Yes please, do so with haste… Paedophilia in Parliament must end today! And forever!”
Claire Wright: “Yes I support reversing this baffling and wrong decision”

National Health Action Party (NHA)
Bob Gill: “yes. This looks like establishment cover up.”
Helen Salisbury: “yes I’ll join – there’s a real lack of transparency here.”

The Above and Beyond Party
Mark Flanagan: “you can add me to that list.”

Party for Cornwall
Rob Simmons: “will do hate the idea political child abusers get away scott free”

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP)
Jo-Anne Dobson: “Absolutely – please add my name!”
Rodney McCune: “yes”
Ross Hussey: “You may add my name”
Alexander Redpath: “gladly”

Pilgrim Party
Lyn Luxton: “Yes #Justice4Victims”

Sam Townley: “Yes, please add me to the list!”
Declan Wade: “Yes I completely agree this should have been decided by a jury”

English Democrats
Kevin Riddiough: “You may indeed… He has to face up to it. Anybody else would have to.”

Left Unity
Felicity Dowling: “ok add my name” and, “This an important campaign. We are near and yet so far from victory.”

Socialist Labour Party
Andrew Jordan: “yes you may certainly add my name.”

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