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Revealed: Peter Hayman, paedo, spy. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, PIE

Secret double-life of high-flying intelligence officer who became MI6’s deputy director

By Mark Watts and Mark Conrad | 8 November 2014

Revealed: Peter Hayman, paedo, spy. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, PIEWhen Sir Peter Hayman’s paedophile life was outed under parliamentary privilege by Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens, his secret service for Queen and country remained concealed.

After studying at Oxford university, he joined the Home Office in 1937 as a civil servant. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming assistant private secretary to Herbert Morrison, then home secretary, in 1941.

Hayman was a major in the Rifle Brigade during World War II, serving from 1942 to 1945. After the war, he returned to the Home Office as a “principal”, a senior civil servant. He switched to the Ministry of Defence in 1950 at a higher level – “assistant secretary”. He was in the UK delegation to Nato from 1952 to 1954.

By then, it is understood, the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), better known as MI6, had spotted Hayman. Aged 40, he formally joined the UK’s overseas intelligence agency in 1954.

He is understood to have become station chief for MI6 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1955 for three years. He had the same role in Malta from 1958, and then in Baghdad, Iraq from 1959 to 1961.

Next, Hayman landed a plum posting to Washington DC where he was director general of British Information Services, MI6’s propaganda unit based in New York, and acted as a key liaison between the UK and America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) until 1964.

Hayman became deputy commandant of the military government in the British sector of West Berlin for two years. He oversaw a sensitive visit by the Queen to Berlin, then at the frontline in Germany of the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union.

Hayman was awarded the CVO in 1965, an honour granted by the Queen personally. It is unlike most other honours, which are given by the Queen on advice from the government.

The long-time intelligence officer, with a military background and personal connections with the Royal family, returned to MI6 in London, where he was based until 1970. From then to 1974, Hayman was high commissioner to Canada, where he is understood to have again been a key liaison between British intelligence and the CIA.

His time there included overseeing the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in 1973.

After his posting as an envoy to Canada, Hayman, then 60, officially retired. But he is understood to have become deputy director of MI6 at that point.

In 1978, Hayman reportedly left a package addressed to him on a London bus. The package of “obscene literature” is said to have been handed in to police, who raided a flat that he rented in Notting Hill, central London.

There, the police found 45 volumes of obscene diaries in which Hayman described paedophile fantasies. Police discovered that he was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which promoted sex with children.

Hayman was not prosecuted, but cautioned. It is unclear when exactly he left MI6.

An abuse survivor, known as “Nick” to protect his identity, picked out Hayman from a collection of photographs that Exaro showed to him. Nick said that the man, whose full name he knew, sexually assaulted and raped him at Dolphin Square and other locations from 1979. Nick was 11, and he said that the abuse by Hayman and others continued repeatedly for years.

With the witness’s agreement, our reporter who conducted the picture test has given a statement to police on how Nick identified Hayman from a Press photograph, along with two former Conservative MPs – including an ex-cabinet minister – and other VIPs. Exaro has also provided the police with a file of the pictures that were used in our test, again with Nick’s permission.

Nick told Exaro: “Hayman was rather cold, but then a lot of them were – emotionless. He does not feature big for me, as some of the others do. He was not one of the nasty ones.”

In 1981, Dickens used parliamentary privilege to link Hayman to PIE, to reveal how he had been investigated for distributing obscene material through the post, and to question why he was not prosecuted.

Hayman was convicted of gross indecency in 1984.

Nothing was said in Parliament about Hayman’s MI6 role, but it was reported in newspapers later.

Read more of Nick’s story on Exaro soon. If you have information that might help our investigation, please contact us. Keep re-visiting Exaro for more on this investigation.

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