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Scotland Yard’s ‘charge sheet’ for cover-up on ‘VIP paedophiles’

IPCC lists 14 separate allegations of suppressed evidence and hindered or halted probes

By Mark Conrad | 21 March 2015

Police face a staggering list of claims of cover-ups of MPs and other prominent people who were allegedly paedophiles.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced on Monday that it “is to investigate 14 referrals detailing allegations of corruption in the Metropolitan Police Service in relation to child sex offences dating from the 1970’s to the 2000’s.”

The allegations include “suppressing evidence, hindering or halting investigations, and covering up the offences because of the involvement of MPs and police officers”, said the IPCC.

“Allegations of child sex abuse against a senior politician and a subsequent cover-up of his crimes” – IPCC’s ‘charge sheet’ against Met

Exaro reveals today that the IPCC investigation includes allegations of a cover-up of evidence that related to Lord Brittan, former home secretary, as well as to Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London.

The IPCC said that it would oversee the investigation into the allegations by the Met’s directorate of professional standards.

“Parallel investigations being conducted by the Met into the original allegations of child abuse and the new criminal investigations looking at alleged police corruption are closely linked and well underway,” it explained.

Sarah Green, deputy chairwoman of the IPCC, said that the allegations were of “high-level corruption of the most serious nature”. The IPCC summarised in a statement what the investigation will cover…

1) Allegation of a potential cover-up around failures to properly investigate child sex abuse offences in south London and further information about criminal allegations against a politician being dropped.

2) Allegation that an investigation involving a proactive operation targeting young men in Dolphin Square, was stopped because officers were too near prominent people.

3) Allegation that a document was found at an address of a paedophile that originated from the Houses of Parliament listing a number of highly prominent individuals (MPs and senior police officers) as being involved in a paedophile ring and no further action was taken.

4) Allegation that an account provided by an abuse victim had been altered to omit the name of a senior politician.

5) Allegation that an investigation into a paedophile ring, in which a number of people were convicted, did not take action in relation to other more prominent individuals.

6) Allegations that a politician had spoken with a senior Met officer and demanded no action was taken regarding a paedophile ring and boys being procured and supplied to prominent persons in Westminster in the 1970’s.

7) Allegation that in the late 1970’s a surveillance operation that gathered intelligence on a politician being involved in paedophile activities was closed down by a senior Met officer.

8) Allegation that a dossier of allegations against senior figures and politicians involved in child abuse were taken by Special Branch officers.

9) Allegations that a surveillance operation of a child abuse ring was subsequently shut down due to high-profile people being involved.

10) Allegations of child sex abuse against a senior politician and a subsequent cover-up of his crimes.

11) Allegations that during a sexual abuse investigation a senior officer instructed the investigation be halted and that that order had come from ‘up high’ in the Met.

12) Allegation of a conspiracy within the Met to prevent the prosecution of a politician suspected of offences.

13) Allegations against a former senior Met officer regarding child sex abuse and that further members of the establishment including judges were involved. It is claimed that no further action was taken.

14) Allegation that police officers sexually abused a boy and carried out surveillance on him. Further allegations of financial corruption in a London borough police force.

A further two referrals of a similar nature have been received from the Met and are currently being assessed.

The IPCC announcement on Monday came just two days after Exaro revealed a potential breakthrough in the Met’s current investigation into the alleged murder of a boy by the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

Detectives on the Met’s ‘Operation Midland’ are investigating whether a specific flat in central London’s Pimlico – identified to them by Exaro – may be help unlock the dark secrets of a group of VIP paedophiles.

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