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Video: ‘Nick’ tells of how MPs ‘liked to inflict pain’ during abuse

Survivor appeals for others to testify about sexual assaults on children at Dolphin Square

By Mark Watts and Mark Conrad | 5 November 2014

CAUTION: this video interview is chilling and upsetting.

Video: ‘Nick’ tells of how MPs ‘liked to inflict pain’ during abuse

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Two former Conservative MPs enjoyed inflicting pain as they sexually assaulted boys, one abuse survivor told Exaro.

“Nick”, as he is known to protect his identity, recorded an anonymous video interview with Exaro, with his voice distorted, to talk about the sexual abuse that he suffered as a young boy at Dolphin Square, the complex near Parliament where many MPs have their London flats.

He is appealing for other survivors of abuse by MPs and VIPs at Dolphin Square and elsewhere to come forward to help bring about justice.

In part, he agreed to record what is a chilling video interview “to encourage others to come forward.”

He said: “There must be other boys out there that were part of the same group, and it would be really good if they could come forward as well.”

Exaro last weekend revealed how detectives had opened a new investigation into historical allegations that MPs and other VIPs sexually abused children at Dolphin Square.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit, under its wide-ranging ‘Operation Fairbank’, launched the new line of enquiry following a report on Exaro in July of two separate witnesses’ accounts of child sex abuse at Dolphin Square more than three decades ago.

One of the witnesses, Nick, has since given detailed statements to the Met about how MPs and other prominent people sexually abused him more than three decades ago.

In his video interview with Exaro about abuse at Dolphin Square, Nick said: “You would have to perform various sexual things, but it would always culminate in being raped.”

He talked about sexual abuse by two politicians there, saying: “Particularly nasty individuals, one was probably a lot worse than the other.

“One was a former cabinet minister, and the other was just an MP, but nasty, liked to inflict pain. Liked to see us in pain, on a regular basis.”

“Both physically and sexually – as much pain – certainly one in particular. The more pain we were in, the better.”

Exaro is not naming either of the former MPs for legal reasons.

Nick has talked to Exaro over several months. He previously said that he did not trust the police enough to detail his allegations about politicians and other VIPs, and preferred to talk to Exaro.

After the officer in charge of Operation Fairbank asked Exaro to be put in touch with the witness, we passed on the request, and Nick decided to contact the detective.

He said: “A lot of information, I think, l has been coming into you guys. And, I think, to encourage others to come forward, there must be other boys out there, that were part of the same group, and it would be really good if they could come forward as well.

“I have been very lucky. I have had good deal of support – from my own counsellor, from you at Exaro. And also from a couple of other individuals as well who have been helping me to get my information out there and encourage others to come forward.

“The police contacted you, wanted to speak directly to myself. And after consideration, yes, I have gone to them, and have made, or started to make my statements with them.”

“And the police have been very good. They have been very good.”

“And they have made it as easy as it can be. Yes, the questions are extremely difficult to answer, but they have been very good, and very patient. And, yeah, I have had a very positive experience with them.”

Nick came to Exaro’s studio in our offices in Fleet Street to record a 14-minute video interview, with his identity concealed and his voice distorted, with the aim of encouraging others who were sexually abused at Dolphin Square to come forward.

Interviewer: Mark Watts<
Camera and lighting: Peter Proniewicz-Brooks
Editing: Noah Angell
Production: Mark Conrad, Alex Varley-Winter and Frederika Whitehead

Read more of Nick’s story on Exaro soon. If you have information that might help our investigation, please contact us. Keep re-visiting Exaro for more on this investigation.

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